At Toei Zukun Laboratory, we are providing various services using the latest digital technologies including technology that was applied into practice from our research and development.
By combining our extensive services based on customer’s needs, we can accommodate a total solution from planning proposals to creating new content. If you are interested, please consult with us.

  • FCS

    Zukun Laboratory is developing a new facial capture software.

    By adopting algorithms which were cultivated from our Digital Human research, we have compiled all of our know-how of various services as pioneers of the industry.

    As of 2023, the most up-to-date “FCS” plays a role in video analysis and facial animation extraction software, and it enables us to provide better service than ever.

    By using FCS, we will continue providing high quality animation services at Zukun Laboratory.

  • Motion Capture

    *Since April, 2021, we have obtained a total of 48 Vicon Vantage cameras.
    Our optical motion capture studio is located within the facility of Toei studio. We are able to transform a full range of movements from vigorous action moves to subtle expressions into CG models. Through the use of virtual cameras, we are able to shoot like a real camera crew while moving within the object space. We provide a reliable and consistent service ranging from shooting to data processing.

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    Facial Capture

    By shooting facial moves, we can transform data into CG characters. For projects that require a high level of natural expressions in which facial and body moves need to be in sync, we shoot facial capture and motion capture simultaneously. We can also accommodate location shoots outside of the Toei studio based on the customer’s needs.

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    Digital Human

    We are actively working on the Digital Human research project and aim to depict a realistic human as precisely as possible. Apart from our research and development, we have a track record in creating content using our Digital Human technology. We offer a shooting service using LightStage which enables shooting the texture of a human face in high detail.

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    By combining our technologies, we have an extensive record of achievement in creating CG/VFX for movies, TV drama and commercials inside and outside Toei titles.

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    By making full use of our digital technologies, we can propose and produce interactive content in AR and VR. Based on customer’s needs, we can plan and accommodate services suitable for the concept and location of the event.

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    Virtual Production

    At Zukun Laboratory, we have been conducting research and development in virtual production, a real-time composition of computer graphics and live action. In October, 2022, we launched a virtual production department within the Toei studio. We are currently working on demonstration experiments focused on an LED wall.