CG World Entry Live Online from May 29th-30th! Checklist of articles about Zukun Laboratory

◆Articles about Zukun Laboratory on CGWORLD

[ 2019 ]
2019.07.04 THU
“Looking back on the footprints: from launching a team for Digital Human project to the present (Toei Zukun Laboratory) “

2019.07.01 MON
What is the “virtual production” that Zukun Laboratory is pursuing?

2019.04.25 THU
“Digital Human project is now on full-scale operations. Aim to become Japan’s strongest team for creating Digital Human in imaging technique. (Toei Zukun Laboratory)

[ 2018 ]
2018.04.19 THU
By Unreal Engine 4, real-time CG technique was used to create a 4K based picture for a TV series Mobphycho 100.

[ 2017 ]
2017.03.16 THU
Breathing life into a CG character Saya the high school girl through performance capture.

2017.01.10 TUE
“I want to fulfill my duty as an artist.” The core team members of virtual human project of Saya talk about their thoughts.

[ 2016 ]
2016.11.25 FRI
New possibilities in CG animation: TV anime “Tsukiuta The animation” (Tsukiani)

2016.08.15 MON
Full CG music video of PELICAN FANCULB “Setsumei” is now completed! Excusive event will be held on Aug, 21st (Sun) (Zukun Laboratory/Speadstar Musc)

[ 2014 ]
2014.06.25 WED
Toei Zukun Laboratory adopted real-time composite system Previzion for the first time in Japan. (Toei)

[ 2012 ]
2012.05.28 MON
Previs & Virtual camera demonstration by Toei Digital Center Zukun Laboratory