Nomination for the 4th CGWORLD AWARDS

Toei Zukun Laboratory took part in creating VFX for a title that was nominated for the 4th CGWORLD AWARD in Best Live-action VFX!

CGWORLD AWARDS is an award event initially started by the editorial department of CGWORLD in 2015.
It aims to invigorate the production of digital content centering around 3DCG in Japan.
Based on the critique by the editorial department, nominees who have made remarkable contributions throughout the year are selected, and winners are determined accordingly.The nomination for each category for the 4th CGWORLD AWARD (2018) has been finalized, and the winner will be announced on December, 28th, Friday, 2018.

Subject of Awards:
Titles and creators (individuals, groups, corporate sectors, and organizations including companies) as well as their techniques which were featured on the monthly issues of CGWORLD and within the past year.

The criteria of this award is measured based on the details of the VFX and its techniques behind the story; not the content of the feature itself. Even so, the VFX’s impact on the feature as a whole is also considered.

>The 4th CGWORLD AWARD Official Website